The benefits of purchasing a Recondition Battery from ECO RECON Batteries
Most consumers think when they need to purchase a battery; it must be a new battery. Well, this is not entirely necessary as there are many benefits of investing in reconditioned batteries. Let’s take a look at some of the numerous advantages of buying a reconditioned battery.
Reconditioned batteries are cheaper.
The price difference between new and reconditioned batteries is often the main reason for choosing a reconditioned battery. You may not have it in your immediate budget to invest in a new battery, but reconditioned batteries are less than 50% cheaper than that of new batteries.
However, it is important you purchase a premium quality reconditioned battery that you can trust. The money you save on purchasing a reconditioned battery can often be used in alternative applications, i.e. invest in that inverter you always wanted or additional solar panels.
Recondition batteries are better for the environment.
Batteries contain a significant amount of chemicals, acids, and heavy metals that can do a lot of damage to the environment if they are not properly disposed of. While many battery recycling programs do exist, it’s important to remember that “recycle” is part of the longer phrase, “reduce, reuse, & recycle.” Battery recycling entails breaking down the battery to reuse the lead, plastic, paper, and acid.
By purchasing reconditioned batteries, you contribute towards reducing your battery carbon footprint by more than 90% - compared to recycling.
Reconditioned batteries are a great alternative option.
Brand new batteries can last up to 13 years – it all depends on how well it’s been maintained and whether it has been abused.
At least 50% cheaper than a brand new battery, and a one year guarantee, our reconditioned batteries are the perfect solution! Our particular method of reconditioning batteries, can give you the same lifespan and performance than that of a brand new battery. It can often out-last a brand new battery after they’ve been reconditioned by ECO RECON Batteries. Reconditioned batteries are incredibly useful in any application i.e. cars, bakkies, trucks, deep-cycle applications for solar panels, server rooms, ups, telecommunications etc...
In short.
Why purchase a new battery when you can buy a reconditioned battery that will give you the same service at half the price – and a one year replacement guarantee for peace of mind!