ECO-RECON Batteries (Pty) Ltd was founded by Hamzah Verster in January 2014.
Hamzah has 20 years’ experience in the construction industry where he has worked as a project manager for the last 7 years in one of the big 5 construction companies in South Africa. Given his strong background in structural, electrical and chemical engineering, he has developed and refined a method of reconditioning batteries based on his own research, trails, and errors.
It all started with the annoying fact that his motorcycle battery could never last longer than three months.
Hamzah began his own research on reconditioning of batteries by reading up on existing technologies as well as conducting hands-on research which included cutting open different types of batteries to understand how they work. After many pilot-studies, he developed a unique method which included both a chemical solution coupled with series of procedures and load testing that removes up to 100% of all sulphation from batteries that has reached the end of their service life.
Currently, ERB use a double patented procedure to recondition flooded and AGM batteries of all kinds and types.
Today ERB has a national footprint and is well recognised and respected in the industry.