The charging current should be between 10% and 15% of the total ah (amp hour) of the bank/s. 15% is ideal.
Bulk charging for AGM Batteries must be set at 14,60volts per 12volt battery.
Float must be at 13,50volts per 12volt battery
Current (ah) consumption of the batteries should not to exceed 10% of the total ah of the battery bank/s.
No battery should flatten below 11volts. This will damage the battery and will cause premature failure. Ideal operating DOD (Depth of Discharge) is 12volts or peak at 11,5volts.
Battery "room" NOT to exceed 25°C at any time.
Ensure that the batteries are in a well ventilated area.
Batteries to be spaced at least 20mm from and other.
Install batteries about a 100mm from the floor i.e. on a wooden pallet.
All AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries (170ah and above) carry a one year guarantee.
All AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries (165ah and below) carry a six month guarantee.
All flooded batteries (i.e. starting & deep-cycle) carry a six month guarantee.