ECO-RECON Batteries (ERB) has arrangements in place with various scrapyards and contractors all over Gauteng to purchase batteries from. These batteries are typically sold to the scrapyards by electrical contractors who service the telecommunications industry, data, back-up power, and solar power industries. They have reached the end of their service life, hence why they are being disposed of. They would typically be recycled for lead, plastic, paper, and acid to water. We then purchase these batteries and give them a new lease on life by reconditioning them. Only high end and premium quality batteries that are from well-known and respected manufactures are purchased. We pride ourselves on using legitimate scrapyards and contractors with the correct documentation to show the origin of the batteries and the details of their suppliers.
Interesting fact:
The carbon foot print on a recondition battery from ERB is 90% less than that of a new battery.
Once these batteries arrived at our workshop, they are cleaned and prepared for the seven to ten day reconditioning process. The batteries are opened up by a process developed by ourselves and a specific amounts of chemicals are been added.
Thereafter the batteries are put through a controlled process that allows the chemicals to penetrate the lead cells. This process allows for a 100% effective removal of lead sulphation from the batteries. The lead sulphation, which are in a dissolved form, then float to the top of the battery. This is then removed and safely discarded off.
About 95% of all batteries are successfully desulphated by this process. Once completed, the batteries are subjected to load tests on inverters. A load test of up to 600watts is used for testing. This test is done up to 10 times with charging intervals. Once the load testing is successful (about 99% pass rate) the batteries are closed up, cleaned, ERB stickers, serial numbered and polished. The batteries look brand new and it is hard to tell the difference between a new battery and a battery from ERB.
The batteries are subjected to a final quality check after which they are ready for delivery.
The whole process is recorded on a “job card” system for each battery including load test results during the various stages of the processes. These “job cards” is then filed for a period of two years.
Our methods, procedures, and systems are so unique, that all our AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries above 170ah comes with a one year guarantee – the same as a brand new battery. If a battery fails to perform as it should, we will gladly exchange the battery for another (T&C’s apply)