Some imported solar panels often don’t live up to their expected performance especially with regards to poor manufacturing standards, fluctuating voltage & current, inadequate guarantees and lack of back up service. Being sensitive to hail damage is also a long term concern for most consumers.
What do we recommend?
Local is lekker and often the best bang for your buck.
Based in New Germany, Pinetown, KZN; ARTsolar is one of the pioneers of the South African Photovoltaic Solar panel manufacturing. ARTsolar is South Africa’s only locally owned PV module manufacturer and specialise in high volume production for the Northern Cape solar farms. The manufacturer also offers low volume sales to installers and supplies directly to the public at wholesale prices.
They are also the first solar company in the country to produce significant quantities of solar panels for the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) which sells power to Eskom through 20-year power purchase agreements.